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Katrina Amoia 
Summit Supporter
This is my nephew Gio! He’s 5 and is autistic. Gio is my sunshine on a rainy day. His smile brightens any room and his little laugh touches your heart.  He’s my reason I choose to walk this year. To support him and his community ❤️

Melissa Gratien 
"My name is Melissa and I am the proud mother of this awesome (not so little anymore) 8 year old boy Owen Michael Gratien,  the  reason behind TeamOMG. This boy right here is the strongest kid I've ever met in my life. He has been a student at The Summit Center since he was three years old & every year he shows us all just how incredible he is by hurdling over milestones we didn't think were possible to achieve when we began this journey. My husband Keith & I are always amazed at how far he has come. We walk for the staff that support him as well. Without their support, he wouldn't be where he is today. And last but not least, we walk for his friends & their families. Special needs families have a strong, unbreakable bond. If we can help just one family feel less alone on this road, then we've done our job."

Nicole LaMonte-DeGolier 

"Our family mottos are “No one gets left behind!” & “Work hard, play harder!” We walk to create awareness for autism. 
We walk to encourage acceptance of autism. We walk because different is NOT less 🧩❤️🧩"

Nick Rockwell
Summit Staff 
"As someone who has worked at The Summit Center for a decade, I know how important our programs are to the lives of our students and their families. Growing up in a small town, my brother, who is on the spectrum, had limited access to services staffed by a passionate and well trained team. I’m proud of what he has accomplished and I think his public school helped him develop skills to succeed. I wonder what his life would be like if he had more access to quality education and services that more fully understood his needs? I’m proud of the work we do at Summit and our vision to make lives better! We strive daily to have a positive impact on our students by helping them develop skills to become more independent, socially empowered, adaptable, and better able to communicate their wants and needs."