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Doreen Matwijkow

Doreen Matwijkow

This is my 20th year walking...I am one of the original walkers.! When we first started, there was about 10 walkers, and it has grown to thousands. Although Austin does not receive services from Summit anymore, the need is still there. We have so many wonderful memories and friend that we met while he was there, we can't help but support it! Please consider joining my team and/or making a donation!
Thank you so much! Dory & Austin


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1. Debby Laramee
2. Glenn And Kathy Smith
3. Ruth & Dave Slepian
Thinking of you and Austin. Hope you have good weather for your walk.
4. David E Louth
5. Doreen Matwijkow
6. Nancy Bolles
wishing everyone great weather for walk day

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