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Thank you for fundraising for our Autism Walk! Just getting started on fundraising? Here are some tips to help!

Use our Resources

  • Toolkit (Some more more ways to help you                     fundraise)
  • Posters/Fact Sheet (Hang 'em up around the                 office!)
  • Incentives (Do you want a beautiful Buffalo                     themed t-shirt or New Era Cap?)
  • Social Media Guide (Share your story on social             media using these tips!)

Start with friends and family

  • Develop a list of friends and family to ask to                   support you. Include people from your holiday card list, people you see often, people whose fundraising efforts you have                   supported, etc.
  • Instill passion!  Share your “Why I Walk” stories so that people know what an impact Summit has had on individuals and                     families affected by autism.

Raise money online
  • When you register, you automatically create your own personal fundraising page.  Be sure to add your own photo and story to            raise money for the Walk!
  • Add your own personal touch to emails before sending to friends and family.  They are much more likely to respond to a                     personal and passionate story.

Send a fundraising letter
  • Create a letter to mail - be sure to add your personal story and motivation for being a participant in The Summit Center Autism          Walk.

Set aside time to call
  • Refer to your potential list and identify those individuals you want to call and ask for a donation.
Ask in person
  • Identify those individuals you will see in a meeting, at the soccer field, in church, at school or work, and ask for a donation.

Involve your company
  • Start a corporate team!  Corporate teams build team spirit and camaraderie - they provide a great opportunity for employees to       work together on a non-work project.
  • Host a “dress down day” at work to raise money for your team.  Ask co-workers to donate $5 (or more) in support of your                   fundraising goals.
  • Double your donations!  Many businesses will match their employee’s charitable donations.  Be sure your donors know Summit       accepts matching gifts and to ask them to check if their employer has a Matching Gift Program.