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Welcome to Steve Anderson's Page

Steve Anderson

Steve Anderson

One and 59 children have a diagnosis of autism. The need for quality and effective services has never been greater. Our Summit Team is working hard to expand so that fewer children have to wait to get the help they need. Our motivational theme this year is "Making an Impact". You can make an impact by walking on my team or making a donation.

Thanks in advance for your help.



raised of $5,000 goal

Recent Donations

1. Thomas Warszawski
2. Jean Keyes
3. Lori Jablonski
For all our kids (supporting E Saenger).
4. Amelia Griswold
5. David Andrews
Please help Eric Saenger on the walk. He is weak and out of shape. He will need a great deal of support. A great cause and organization. Marshall and Diann Andrews
6. Mark L Martin
Go team Anderson!

Team Anderson's Dream Walkers