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Abi's Army

Abi's Army

The Summit Center became a part of The Clark family just a little over three years ago. Abi was diagnosed with Autism at just 18months by The Summit Center. There was an instant sense of calmness, like we had found “home,” when we became part of Summit. There were MANY bumps in the road, but Abi made great strides the first year with the amazing Early Autism Program that provides in-home instruction. Once Abi turned 3, she started the full day preschool program at Summit. To say it rocked her world and turned our family upside down & inside out would be an understatement. It was rough, very rough! Abi had A LOT of behavior support all throughout the day for most of her 3 year old program. We took it day by day, some days with barely enough sleep for any of us to humanly function, but we made it through with minimal scarring! Then this year rolled around. Abi is 4.5, again in the full day preschool program, and her progress is nothing short of a miracle this year! We cannot believe the things Summit has helped Abi to achieve since just September, let alone all throughout her entire Summit experience to date. To know Abi is to know that she had MAJOR issues watching friends & family eat, she kicked her shins-very hard & very often, she had meltdowns that lasted until she was physically exhausted, she despised keeping her shoes on, she would only calm down when watching Mickey Mouse, her entire work area had to be padded...and the list could go on and on. So when you ask why I walk, why our family walks, why members of “Abi’s Army” walk, it is because those are things that don’t currently represent Abi. Abi’s progress is unbelievable!!! Abi no longer sits in a padded work area, Abi eats with her friends & even works with a peer in her area, Abi VERY rarely kicks her shins anymore at all, meltdowns are at an ultimate low-practically nonexistent, she leaves her shoes on, follows directions…and again the list could go on and on. We couldn’t be more thankful to her team, the team that has tirelessly not given up and continued to find ways for her to be successful in her everyday environment. Those successes have carried over into all aspects of her day both at home as well as school. Many have complimented about the incredible progress she has made, how much more content and interactive she is with those around her.

So when you decide to support The Summit Center, please know the financial impact you are making for hundreds of students and families does not go unnoticed by those of us living this every - single - day. My family would not be where we are in this Autism journey of Abi’s if it wasn’t for The Summit Center!!

Matt, Jayme, Abi & Quinn Clark
“Abi’s Army”



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