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Teddy's Trailblazers - Stronger than ever!

Teddy’s Trailblazers

Teddy’s Trailblazers

This is our 3rd year as Teddy's Trailblazers! We have so very much to be thankful for this year, as Teddy started Kindergarten at The Summit Academy in the Fall, and has been blazing a trail of success month after month.

A few highlights are -

*Independently using scissors to create circles, and other shapes
*Memorizing and repeating his phone number
*Trying new foods with success each month
*Learning how to open a door knob independently
*Full sentences in verbal communication!!!!!

This year we walk to show the sky is the limit, and that with hard work and the amazing support that Summit has provided, Teddy will do all that he puts his mind to.

We are so very proud of his continued progress and for the support that our family and friends constantly provide. With everyone believing in Teddy, anything is possible.

Thank you for being an Autism Advocate!!!!!

You are helping spread acceptance, inclusion & understanding.


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1. Friends Of Summit Walk
2. Amber Brown
3. Lorena Penaloza
So grateful for the role Summit has played in Little Ted’s life and so proud of Little Ted & all his hard work!
4. Kimberly Benoit
5. AddiWhit Thompson
Wes love you guys!
6. Melissa Falgiano
Wishing you many continued blessings this year, Teddy!