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Teddy’s Trailblazers

Teddy’s Trailblazers

Our family is so very grateful to all the services that The Summit Center has provided to Teddy over the past 5 years! It's hard to believe how far he has come since his days of Early Intervention, being an 18 month old who wasn't speaking and who seemed like they had such huge mountains to climb.

Summit was there for us right from the start, and every step since. It's such a rare thing when you find a school that truly understands your child's needs and helps them strive day in and day out to succeed.

Teddy has made great strides this last year especially. First grade has been full of successes. He has mastered sight reading and now, reads books along with us every night. He's learning how to write, and express his wants and needs more independently.

I ask for you to help support this amazing school because they support us. I wish that all children with Autism had such amazing resources to lift them up and help them grow.

This is our 5th year walking and our 4th year as Teddy's Trailblazers. Please join us for the walk, we would love to have you as a Teddy's Trailblazer!!!!


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