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Tony DeSimone

Tony DeSimone

Thank you for visiting. This cause is very dear to me

One year ago I posted a raw inside look at some examples of what living with a child with autism is like. Our younger son Julian is afflicted with this neurological disorder. I had to let my guard down and be about as humble as I could in submitting that post. I did it in the name of autism awareness and acceptance, when I sensed a growing internal frustration that people simply did not understand what our lives could possibly be like. The only way to explain was to open up. It ended up being one of my most engaged posts ever, and the support was incredible and well appreciated.

One year later, our son Julian has unfortunately not made much progress. He is bigger, stronger and tougher to handle. We now have very difficult conversations about the future of our now 9 year old boy. Like last year, I ask that you send prayers and if so inclined, please donate to the Summit Walk, the biggest fundraiser for our son’s school.

Again, if it were not for these people doing God’s work, I have no idea what we would do.

Thank You!


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