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My The Summit Center Autism Walk Fundraising Page

Katie Galbo

Katie Galbo

Harry will turn 4 in February.

Last year, when he was almost 3, he did not speak at Christmastime; instead, he was using a picture system to communicate.

This year, he speaks in full sentences, and says things like: "Mommy, I want to hold you" or "Mommy, will you play with me?"

One time, around Thanksgiving of this year, he came home with a picture of a Turkey he made at school. I said, "Harry, that is so beautiful. You are an artist!" He looked at me and said, "Mommy, I'm not an artist. I'm Harry."

Words can't describe what hearing his words does to my heart.

Harry was diagnosed with autism when he was 2 and has had services with Summit ever since. Last year, he had 27 hours a week of therapy, and most of that was provided by Summit.

This year, he's in full day preschool at Summit. He rides the bus, learns to eat new foods during lunch, has made new friends and is working on achieving goal after goal. He's a hard working boy, and probably the sweetest one you'd ever meet, too.

Harry now uses his words to tell us who he is. He wants to read books and tells me the name of every animal that ever existed. He brushes his teeth and puts on his shoes. He goes to the dentist and can ride an airplane without too much worry. He plays with his friends and he eats with a spoon. All of these things took a long time to learn and all of these things were once lessons he practiced with his amazing teachers.

Please consider donating to Summit at this year's walk. The least I can do as a mother who can now sing songs with her son is to see if I can get just a few donations for this school filled with miracle workers.

Thank you.


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